My latest trip out…


On Sunday roughly forty of us decided to take advantage of the favourable weather forecast and ‘head to the hills – Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Noble and much much more set off early Sunday morning to blow a hole in the ozone layer.

Here’s a few shots of that Sunday morning out…

A good time was had by all!

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Our current fleet

Just to clarify, as the list of vehicles is quite long we currently have:

Volkswagen Karmann Beetle 1500

Porsche 996 Carrera 4

Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GTD

Mercedes Hymer Motorhome
… and we ‘babysit’ our old 1303 Karmann Cabriolet that was gifted to our daughter!

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New wheels…

After meeting a guy at the Trafford Classic Car Show I arranged to buy some 355 wheels from him to put on the Ferrari whilst it’s original wheels are being refurbished. It means I can still use the car and don’t have to resort to propping it up on axle stands. Once I have finished with them I will sell them on and ost likely get all my money back. This weekend I swapped them over so I am now ready to send the wheels away for refurbishing.

Ready for stripping

Ready for stripping

After that the next job is having the seats re-connolised  which will complete the ‘recommissioning ‘ of the car. I then will have brought it back up to its former glory.

This weekend we have been playing with another Ferrari purchase – this ones a ride on car for my wee Grandson Finn – he is still getting used to it, unsure of it when it moves off, so we are getting him bedded in slowly.

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2014 Classic Car Shows

All the information about 2014 car shows has now been moved to the ‘Classic Car Show’ page. That will (when I have finished it) include the latest 2015 shows also.

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The sun’s out!

So get the fleet out…

I think that’s the first time in months that the 1303LS has been out.

All the toys out on the drive.

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Two weeks on….

Following the delivery of the very special Ferrari F355 Spyder I can reflect on the dozens and dozens of cars, some of them special and some not. that we have owned. The ‘Spyder’ is very special indeed but I have chosen this moment to compile a gallery of all those cars that have been ‘very special’ to us. Those cars – many of them VW and Porsche (and Audi) that have been part of our life, and part of our family life. Lots of car shows and things that involved the whole family. Cars that helped us make friends with people, culminating in our more recent motorhoming and tell me that ‘car bores’ aren’t bores as such – we are just more enthusiastic about cars than most. Fine. Here are a few shots from ‘over the years’…

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A non-VW enters the stable

After years of nothing but VW/AUDI Group and Porsche cars I have bought something out of the usual mold. Its Italian too…


I have bought a Ferrari F355 Spider for all those lovely sunny British days that we get. I have posted up a new page for the ‘Prancing Horse’ and will add more pix and info as I get opportunity.

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The Garage…

…not just the current garage but eventually all the cars I’ve had the pleasure to own – mostly Volkswagens ! You may have to bear with me as I have had over fifty VW’s since buying my first in the early eighties.

Just in case you haven’t worked it out the reason my internet user name is ‘thirteen-o-two’ is because the first VW I ever owned was/is a 1302S. I started using the moniker when I joined ‘VolksZone’ years ago and it kind of stuck. I plopped a ‘1302’ number plate on our motorhome a few of years ago as it cropped up for very little money. So now you know!

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